Success Stories



Community Ventures Participant: Ayana T. is struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reached out to get assistance in battling a substance abuse issue. Success coaching was able to provide detox/residential options, as well as work with HR to put in place FMLA/short term disability. She is now 124 days sober.

Community Ventures Participant:  Malcom D. is currently living at the City of Saginaw Rescue Mission with his wife and two children. He was walking 7 miles to and from his third shift position (6:00PM-6:00AM). We were able to get him a JARC card through STARS. He now has transportation to work and back free for a year.

Community Ventures Participant: Francine R. has been employed at her company for over 4 years. Recently, she gained legal custody of her 5 grandchildren. Struggling to make ends meet and problem solve, Francine requested assistance in getting clothing for the grandchildren. Her Success Coach worked to maximize the amount of benefits receiving from the Department of Health and Human Services and delivered community referrals for clothing.

Community Ventures Participant: Briana G. was referred by Team Leader/Supervisor due to her having issues wearing appropriate work attire, as indicated by the company dress code. A “dress for success” type meeting took place with employee at JCPenney and then she was given supportive service money to purchase appropriate work clothing.

Community Ventures Participant: Jerry G. called stating that he was having trouble getting back and forth to work due to a recent change in his shift. He had transitioned from 1st shift to 2nd shift, and public transportation does not run past 7 pm.  He was very concerned about the possibility of losing his job due to his inability to find consistent transportation. We were able to get him signed up with the JARC program through STARS and for at least a year, he now has transportation to get to and from work.