Become a Community Ventures Employer

Community Ventures is a special initiative led by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to help structurally unemployed individuals pursue career opportunities at Michigan companies.

Businesses interested in joining the Saginaw Community Ventures initiative, please contact Sharon Coenis, Program Manager for the Saginaw Community Ventures at (517) 643-7901 or


Steps to Success: 

Step 1: Engage Companies: 

MEDC and partners identify companies with employment opportunities that are willing to hire structurally unemployed talent. The companies’ needs are assessed and a hiring commitment is secured by contract.

Step 2: Place Talent:

MEDC works cooperatively with the local talent providers to identify job-ready, pre-screened talent. MEDC contracts with the company and provides a talent development grant in monthly installments until the $5,000/per job maximum is reached. A total of 10% of the payment is withheld until the employee has worked for one year.

Step 3: Talent Retention:

MEDC works cooperatively with workforce development community partners to provide additional supportive services and assist participants with job retention based on the needs identified by the company. Additional resources are available for company-identified post-employment needs. Companies report monthly on talent hired and retained for a period of up to one year.

Step 4: Career Pathway:

The ultimate goal of Community Ventures is to provide participants with a career pathway out of poverty. MEDC and other community partners work cooperatively to provide additional services that include workforce readiness training, adult education and literacy.