Great Lakes Bay Employers Resource Network Workshop

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Great Lakes Bay Employer Resource Network
Nexteer Automotive Headquarters

June 16, 2014
9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Speaker/Trainer: Dave Barrett, from Cascade Engineering in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dave Barrett, Keeper of the Culture at Cascade Engineering was the workshop trainer for the Great Lakes Bay Employer Resource Network on June 16, 2014 held at Nexteer Automotive Headquarters. The topic was Paradigms, Diversity, Inclusion and the Hidden Rules. This highly interactive workshop was based on the book titled “Hidden Rules of Economic Diversity” by Ruby K. Payne, Ph. D.


Each economic class has its own culture complete with hidden rules, characteristics, and language structure that shape behavior. The behaviors of each class can be appreciated if the hidden rules and characteristics are understood. -Dr. Ruby Payne

Those in attendance explored the power of their thoughts through exercises such as identifying hidden pictures in ink blots (powerful exercise that is a good example of being able to see or not see something based on past experiences), sharing preconceived ideas (mental models) and assumptions that some people have for example on salespeople or people living in poverty or on welfare, and together attendees learned more about being an Employer of Choice and learning the hidden rules of differing economic classes. This well-rounded workshop included a business paradigm video by Joel Barker ( and Living in Poverty USA video (, as well.





This workshop served as a reminder to treat all employees (regardless of appearance, gender, beliefs, age, sexual orientation, religion, etc.) with dignity, respect, kindness and consideration. It is important that they have a fair opportunity to speak up, learn, develop, participate and contribute to their fullest.