Great Lakes Bay Employers Resource Network


Employer Resource Networks (ERN’s) were designed to respond to concerns of business owners about the retention of their workforces.

An Employer Resource Network is made up of a consortia of businesses that leverage and share resources to benefit all member businesses. By efficiently utilizing community supports, assistance is provided to help individuals move into economic self-sufficiency.

A key service provided through Employer Resource Networks is short-term, case management to confidentiality resolve personal and family challenges that interfere with employment.

Success coaches schedule time at each of the participating businesses to work with the individuals to address work-related challenges, such as lack of transportation, financial issues, childcare, housing, stress-related issues, and drug or alcohol addictions.

With knowledge of the resources and services available in the community,

success coaches are able to make referrals to local service providers to address the needs of the employee.

Partners in the Great Lakes Bay Michigan Employer Resource Network include:

  • Nexteer Automotive
  • Morley Companies, Inc.
  • Merrill Technologies Group
  • Saginaw County Business and Education Partnership
  • Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Department of Health and Human Services-Saginaw County
  • Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Wanigas Credit Union
  • Team One Credit Union
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • MagnumCare of Saginaw
  • Suniva
  • Alloy Construction Service, Inc.
  • Little People’s Daycare

The participation of local financial institutions provide access to short-term loans for emergency situations such as car repairs. At the same time that the participant is repaying the loan, they are required to pay $10.00 per week to help build a savings account and increase their credit scores.

Employee Resource Network: Outcomes and Benefits

Improved retention rates for employees of the participating employers
Improved employee engagement

Higher employment retention
Reduced hiring costs for businesses (higher retention = lower hiring costs)
An avenue for businesses to pool resources