The Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership (SCBEP) is an entrepreneurial non-profit that brings together private, public and non-profit organizations. Our collective concern is the shortage of skilled workers in our community. The SCBEP serves as a conduit to help create an available, competent and productive workforce ready to meet the changing demands of current and new businesses.

The SCBEP is pioneering breakthrough approaches to workforce development. It is a founding member and administrator of the Great Lakes Bay Employer Resource Network. In Saginaw, eight companies with more than 12,000 employees participate in the employer resource network and are working together to reduce turnover and improve productivity. They team employees with “success coaches” who help resolve life’s day-to-day challenges by providing encouragement, coaching and coordination of resources that are needed to be truly effective.

The SCBEP is focused on two goals for 2017. First, to help create a comprehensive, easy-access, career and technical education system for Saginaw County. Second, to help create a car repair facility, as well as other social enterprises that create quality employment opportunities, as well as products and services that add value to our community.

By being compassionate, creative, committed and connected, the Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership is changing lives and our community one person at a time.

About Us

Our Mission: To collaborate with leaders from business, education and the community to increase academic achievement and employability skills within our region.
Our Vision: We see a countywide, world-class community with a prosperous, globally competitive economy that provides economic opportunity and an excellent quality of life for all residents. Both the public and private sectors continually create high quality employment opportunities, and provide quality products and services that add value to the community. Virtually all people become contributing members of society, pursue lifelong learning, are gainfully employed, and lead fulfilling lives.

Meet Our Staff

Kathy Conklin, Executive Director and Success Coach
Phone: (989) 399-0016 x 107



Autumn Scherzer, Success CoachAutumn Scherzer
Phone: (989) 399-0016 x 106




Samantha Schlicker, Communications Manager
Phone: (989) 399-0016 x 114


Alexis Thomas, Success Coach
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Sue Walker, Success Coach
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Colleene Walling, Office Manager 
Phone: (989) 399-0016 x 105