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SCBEP Welcomes New Success Coach

We would like to welcome our new Success Coach, Melvin Price Jr. to our team at the Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership!

Melvin grew up in Europe most of his life, with his father stationed in the military he experienced many cultures. Now residing in Saginaw, Melvin loves the community, people and connections throughout our region. Melvin is inspired by people, their story, their growth and the potential they have within themselves to succeed. For fun, you can find Melvin playing basketball, reading, writing, playing the drums or out and about with people!

Welcome Melvin!

Team One Credit Union Partners with SCBEP for Vehicle Donation

The Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership (SCBEP) acknowledges that access to reliable transportation is an obstacle to secure employment and creating self-sufficiency for individuals in Saginaw County. The Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership is proud to partner with Team One Credit Union to help individuals overcome their transportation barriers.

Team One Credit Union donated two reliable vehicles, to help two employees in Saginaw. These dependable vehicles will remove barriers to their employment, and create sustainable transportation for themselves and their families. Team One Credit Union and SCBEP will continue to work together to remove barriers to employment in Saginaw and throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region.

Ride-to-Work Pilot in
Saginaw County

A new ride-to-work pilot is underway in Saginaw County. Kathy Conklin, Executive Director of the Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership, has partnered with various private and public sector partners to bring this transportation solution to Saginaw County.

Through the Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership’s Community Ventures program, Conklin and her team quickly learned that transportation was a great need throughout Saginaw County. Conklin approached the Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services (STARS) for a ride-to-work pilot. In result, STARS created STARS Express for Job Success. This is a pilot curbside service that will take Morley Companies, Inc. associates to and from work for the next three months.

Morley Companies, Inc. is a Community Ventures employer and Great Lakes Bay Employer Resource Network member. Their associates will be the first riders of the STARS Express for Job Success pilot.

SCBEP partner, Bill McDonald, President of McDonald Auto Group has donated a Dodge Caravan to support the initiative. The van will serve as one of the many multi-passenger vehicles that STARS will use to transport workers to Morley Companies, Inc.

Key partners in making this program possible are: Community Ventures Saginaw, Great Lakes Bay Employer Resource Network, McDonald GMC Cadillac, Morley Companies, Inc., Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership and STARS.

The STARS Express for Job Success curbside service will tremendously benefit not only Morley Companies, Inc. associates in Saginaw, but the remainder of Saginaw County after a successful pilot.

The staff of the Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership attended the national Employer Resource Network Conference. Key innovations of ERN’s are business engagement and collaboration amongst employers, employees, non-profits, human services and private sectors. At the conference, individuals from various sectors and different states shared ideas, best practices and strategies to improve workforce retention.

Panels included funders, ROI and investing, data and metrics reporting, and how to connect your success coach with employees for supportive services. The days following the conference, ERN strategists and members from the states of Ohio, Arizona and New York came to the SCBEP to learn our processes for the Great Lakes Bay Employer Resource Network.

To learn more about ERN’s visit http://ern-usa.com/.

National speaker, Ruth Weirich of aha! Process, Inc. taught her Workplace Stability Workshop to Saginaw County employers and community leaders. The workshop was based on Weirich’s latest book, Workplace Stability and explained the environment of instability and strategies available to improve an organization.
Weirich highlighted key strategies to help our employers and community leaders learn how to stabilize their employee base. Along with reducing their hiring and training costs, she gave details how to improve staff morale and cohesiveness. Weirich showcased scenarios improving company policies that can result in an increase in your retention rates and higher level engagement with your employees.

Our workshop participants were able to take away immediate tactics about developing a reputation as an employer who cares. While increasing productivity, employers will be able to immensely improve their organizations profit.

The SCBEP success coaches will become certified trainers of the Workplace Stability workshops. If you’d like more information, please contact our office at (989) 399-0016.

Luke Shaefer, co-author of $2.00 a Day is doing a research study on the effectiveness of the Community Ventures program here in Saginaw. Shaefer is an associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Social Work and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy. He is also a research affiliate at the National Poverty Center.

Learn more about his book and his studies here.

Why Partner With Us

Kaleidoscope Learning Circle, llc.

“I partner with SCBEP because their team, and the processes they deliver, are positively impacting people, and more importantly, re-directing the poverty trajectory for future generations. SCBEP is the proven leader in increasing academic achievement and employability within the State of Michigan.”
– Tracy Weber, Ph.D.

Covenant HealthCare

“Covenant HealthCare is proud of its community partnerships! Covenant’s Human Resources department recently teamed up with Saginaw County Business & Education Partnership to provide more ways to show how much we value and care about our employees. The SCBEP provides valuable resources, including job skills and other opportunities to help our employees successfully achieve their professional goals.”
– Bryan Sinicki, Allison Henige and
Shirelle Carthan-Dottery

Greater Michigan
Construction Academy

“GMCA prides itself on providing ACCESS and OPPORTUNITY to the people in our region.  Our partnership with SCBEP helps build relationships with people in our community who we would otherwise not have connections with.”

– Stephanie Davis


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